Bearded Dragon Setup Quick Guide

  • 36" x 15" x 15" vivarium
    Starting with this size means if/when you need to upgrade your vivarium (to a 36" x 24" x 24") all of the electrics can be transferred! – so no need to outlay again on electrics.
  • Habistat dimming thermostat
    The most accurate thermostat type available. Also since a light emitting heat source is being used a normal "cut on cut off" stat, such as a temperature stat, could interfere with the day/night cycle.
  • 100W reflector spot bulb and holder
    The reflector spot focuses the light to a specific area which means a more controllable and more intense basking area.
  • Cage to fit round heat bulb
    This is a must! Prevents the animal from touching the heat bulb and burning itself.
  • 30" 12.0% Arcadia UVB strip light
    Due to the nature of this species (desert dwelling) a minimum 10% UVB output tube. It's an absolute MUST! The UVB is required for the animal to convert what it receives in the form of raw vitamins and calcium into useful products within the body, such as bone structure development and aids the prevention of metabolic bone disease.
  • Starter unit for strip light
    This powers the UV tube.
  • Exo-Terra heat rock (medium)
    Included as a source for night-time heating. The Exo-Terra heat rock has an in-built thermostatically controlled surface temperature, therefore preventing it from overheating and potentially burning/ harming the animal.
  • Dry substrate
  • Exo-Terra feeding dish (med)
  • Desert plants
  • Pagoda rock
  • Suitable decorative wood
  • 2 tubs livefood
  • Nutrobal vitamin and calcium supplement
  • Lock
  • PBS Bearded Dragon book
  • Baby Bearded Dragon priced at £45.00
  • Optional extra background (Rockwall background can be fitted for an extra £20)

All for only £380.00

All starter kits are fully assembled and ready to take away and plug in!

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